Not too long ago, I had the privilege of making up some insanely stylish fashion bloggers, from the likes of Lo Bosworth of The Lo Down, Mara Ferreira of M Loves M, An Dyer of Haute Pink Pretty and Megan Elliott of Lush to Blush–all for a little fashion company names GUESS.  They had gorgeous party outfits for the shoot and got to model in the ever glam Griffin Hotel.  Check out the pics, and also their great video!  A big thanks to GUESS as well as the Style Coalition for bringing me in!!  Click here to see the GUESS video

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The best part of what I do is getting to work with people I love, from great photographers like Anthony DeCarlo, to a great couple like Erin and Rob.  True love is palpable, as I am sure you will see in these photos since it pretty much jumps out and grabs you.  I am blessed to call them friends, and to have been a part of this gorgeous Candlelight Farms wedding.  Oh, and I can’t do this post without letting you know about this DRESS, OMG-hand made for Erin by Carol Hannah Bridal, Enjoy!

Erin & Rob's wedding

Erin & Rob's wedding

Erin & Rob's wedding
Erin & Rob's wedding

Well….to say I have neglected my blog is a bit of an understatement.  I promise I didn’t fall off of the makeup wagon-in fact I have like 20 beautiful, gorgeous weddings that need to be blogged!  As I gear up for the 2014 wedding season, I am going to do exactly that.

We shall start with the beautiful, rustic Vermont wedding that I did over the summer.  Julie came to meet with me and since it was only her and her sister in her bridal party I was able to do their hair as well, Meghann Gregory Photography took some breathtaking images of the day.  Julie and Andy had such a fun and unique day planned for their wedding.  Rather than your typical ballroom, DJ style event-they held an intimate food and wine tasting at The Victorian Inn in Wallingford, Vermont.  Since I am a bit food obsessed, I fell in love with the idea.  My family and I drove up to Vermont the night before so I can go early in the morning to get the girls ready.  We also got to follow up the day doing some fun activities in Okemo, Vermont-like driving to the top of the ski mountain and visiting the Long Trail Brewery ;)

This wedding was also featured in Well Wed, which I am so proud of!  Thanks again to Meghann Gregory and Ryan Lamb for the pictures!

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It feels like forever ago, but I am finally getting around to blogging this beautiful wedding held at the Waterview in Monroe, CT.  The pictures were taken by Raw Photo Design and looks like they had an amazing night!

This summer I was invited to New Milford’s Candlelight Farms Inn to do a beautiful wedding.  Although the weather was not on our side, Krista was more than ready to marry her love.  I have known the family for years, so getting there bright and early and taking part in the transformation was a really special day.  The fab Raw Photo Design team was there to photograph this gorgeous wedding.  And if you are looking for a farm/historical inn for your wedding I definitely recommend looking into the Candlelight Farms venue.  Here are some pics of the day, Enjoy!


A beautiful college friend of mine had us at her gorgeous wedding this Summer in Roanoke, VA.  What a great little city!  We stayed at the Hotel Roanoke, partied in Roanoke’s downtown, got to meet all of her GREAT friends and family and of course, celebrated with the bride and her new husband!  The wedding reception was held at the Patrick Henry Ballroom and was a great night!

Kara doesn’t need much makeup since she’s naturally a bombshell, so I simply contoured those high cheekbones and used heavier liner on her upper lid to define her blue eyes.  I also got to work with my cousin Heidi, who rocked the hair for all of the girls.  She owns a little shop called A little Bit Hippy in Roanoke, and it was great to work with her since I never get to see her!  The photos are by Lori Hedrick Photography out of VA.

Congratulations to Amy and Greg!  I had the privilege of working with Amy a few times before her wedding, and when I showed up on the day of-I asked Amy if she trusted me.  I wanted to go for something a little  more dramatic, and it worked out beautifully.  Hair was done by the talented Meagan Raccio and photos by Raw Photo Design.  Amy’s wedding was held at Jonathan Edwards Winery in North Stonington, CT.  I hope you enjoy the pics, I think we hit the nail on the head with this wedding makeup!

Recently, I had the opportunity to showcase some work for a great company called Raw Artists, at the Russian Lady in Hartford, CT.  Raw Artists in a non-profit national organization designed to celebrate local talent in whichever city they are located.   They have monthly showcases and include all kinds of artists from fine-art to fashion and, of course, makeup artistry.  I was thrilled to work with Meagan Raccio of Cleopatra’s (who I always recommend to my brides for her amazing styling) as well as a Steampunk clothing designer by the name of Redfield.  I will be honest, I had to google Steampunk when I was told who I was paired with-but it was all very unique stylized clothing that was a lot of fun to decorate with my makeup skillz (yes, that’s skills with a z.)  So I highly recommend you check out your city’s Raw Artists Showcase and read more about what they do here: Raw Artists.   Check out some pictures below!


Getting to travel to do weddings is definitely a perk of the job, especially when it brings you to Westhampton Beach, Long Island.  Kelley was one of those brides who was so much fun to work with.  Not only is she barbie doll gorgeous, but down to earth as well.  This wedding was also another great opportunity to work with the talents of Raw Photo Design, who I love-not just because they’re family either ;)  To see more images of this wedding follow their link, be sure to check out the amazing venue the Oceanbleau.

For her makeup I chose some shadow colors from Urban Decay‘s Naked II palette-my newest fave!  For her lid I used the color Chopper and then defined the crease with the darker purple shade-blended out really well.  For her lips I used Stila lipglaze in Hibiscus.  Enjoy!



Glamour.  That’s the one word that comes to mind when I think of my friend Jess on her wedding day, held a The Waterview in Monroe, CT.  I knew the day I met her husband Rich, that he was the one for her and was thrilled to be such a big part of her day.  Jess is beautiful to begin with, but we really glammed it up on her wedding day.  Check out those lashes and the soft palette used to really make her eyes pop!  Big thanks to Jen and Jerome Braga of Studio 1923 for the pictures and Matt Fink of DMO Films for being kind with his video.  You can see the short film here! Healthy, Radiant Skin for All Skin Types!  728x90 banner philosophy 468x60 Shop Now NARS Cosmetics Summer Makeup Collection 2010